Intro – Wayward Lady and Rebelle Scribe

Greetings, fellow internet wanderers and welcome to our spork journal, where we smirk at, poke fun at, and generally eviscerate the suethors that lurk among us (of which there are many and they never seem to fucking learn.)

We’re a crime fighting duo comprised of Wayward Lady and Rebelle Scribe.

Well, technically, the crime of writing bad fics. But same thing.

This crime is punishable by snark and endless mockery, where we doubt the Suethor’s ability to do English.
Although at present, we’re actually making sushi. This duo has many talents.

Rebelle Scribe is a student of the politics and culture variety, and is currently biding her time working in a book shop where she takes shameless advantage of her discount. She like men, ladies, and is talented at giving the look of death – she once stunned a man at fifty paces. Her pet peeves include; “I’m not a feminist, but…”, lots of isms (race, sex etc.), and of course, the trashing of her beloved fandoms through truly awful fanfiction. Her OTP is Hannigram, and it would be rude of you not to agree with her.

Wayward Lady, on the other hand, has no clue about politics and is not in the slightest bit cultured. She works in admin (well…’works’ is a bit much) to earn a pay check that pretty much keeps her in Chinese food, books and my little ponies. Peeves are really arrogant sues and even more arrogant suethors. Her OTP (and much of her life, really) is Destiel. She’s good at finding truly awful fics, making tea and procrastinating. She’s not much good at making sushi apparently.

Both ladies are Brits by trade and have been friends so long we not only know where the bodies are buried, we helped dig the graves.
Mostly, we’re here for kicks and to make the internet a slightly better place, one where writing matters.




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