About Us

So in case you can’t be asked to read our bio, or you want a little bit more info about us, we’re going to tell you a bit about ourselves.

We’re Wayward Lady and Rebelle Scribe. We’re more commonly known as Luna and Andy. We’re been friends longer than we can really remember and this year it was a goal of ours to get into sporking. So here we are.

We have three sporks on the go at the minute that we will update on as much of a schedule as we can. We sometimes have different fandoms, so sometimes we’ll do solo sporks, but mostly we’ll work together.

So, I’m Wayward Lady. My name is quite obviously from Supernatural, but you are quite welcome to call me Luna if you like. My main fandoms are Supernatural, Harry Potter, OUAT, MLP, Avengers, Disney and Sailor Moon but I dip in and out of others. I collect ponies, much to the despair of nearly everyone else. I like hot and sour soup. I’m also a little bit addicted to Pinterest. I apparently have nothing better to do than trawl F.net for really awful fics, as we have a huge number of them on our to do list.
In my regular life, I work in admin, watch bad shark films with my boyfriend and try to write fics. I’m quite lazy when it comes to that, which is where Rebelle comes in.

I’m Rebelle Scribe and yup, one of my roles as bestie and general partner in crime is to kick Wayward Lady up the butt to get her to update her fics, organise her life, and comply with her long to do list. Sometimes I use incentives, sometimes not. I’m often the voice of reason, “Put it down, you already have almost 400 ponies,” “But she so prettttty”. On the plus side she makes a damn good cup of tea. My main fandoms are NBC Hannibal (Hannigram forever), Star Trek Original Series and the reboot, and Harry Potter. I dabble in countless others though too. In regular life I am just as sarcastic and grouchy as I sound online. I sell books, reads comics, and generally spend too much time on Tumblr. 

We’ll do an intro and spork counts for each spork, much like they do on Das Sporking. Wayward is mainly the counts girl, while Rebelle Scribe swears a lot. We have different colours for us. I am hot pink. Viridian is blue.

Both ladies are Brits by trade and have been friends so long we not only know where the bodies are buried, we helped dig the graves.

Mostly, we’re here for kicks and to make the internet a slightly better place, one where writing matters.