The Gryffindor Misfit

By Mizu Kai

And the Pit just keeps bringing on the crap.

I hate arrogant Sues. I hate arrogant Suethors. I hate Suethors who think their whiny, cocky, sadistic, self entitled, self absorbed violent little Sues are perfect and they need no critique whatsoever. I hate when canon characters are warped out of character and exist to kiss to Sue’s ass.
I hate main characters getting shafted so the Sues do everything and save the day.

Basically, I hate every single bit of this self insert, wangsting, badly written Mary Sue fantasy.

Brittany Kai is one of the most arrogant Sues you will ever have the misfortune to meet. She’s rude, obnoxious and as dumb as a sack of hammers. Draco is a murderous man slut who apparently a suitable love interest.

Oh and feminism? This fic has no clue what it means. We even have a count for it.

Welcome to our own personal hell.

0 – Introduction and Counts
Chapter 1 – The potions class from Hades
Chapter 2 – The fat pink toad
Chapter 3 – Down and dirty quidditch
Chapter 4 – Family ties and a new friend
Chapter 5 – Secret lives and dinner
Chapter 6 – A muggle singing assignment
Chapter 7 – Let’s make a movie
Chapter 8 – Project complete and tension increases
Chapter 9 – A dance to remember
Chapter 10 – Partners, friends, enemies
Chapter 11 – The pain and pleasure of Quidditch
Chapter 12 – Hogsmeade and feelings begin
Chapter 13 – Conversations and secrets
Chapter 14 – Exits, holidays and answers
Chapter 15 – Explanations and a melted heart
Chapter 16 – A song for the lonely
Chapter 17 – School and pride but not school pride
Chapter 18 – Nicknames and acceptance
Chapter 19 – Confrontations and expectations
Chapter 20 – Those three little words
Chapter 21 – Happiness and a vision
Chapter 22 – The two prophecies
Chapter 23 – The battle for the prophecy
Chapter 24 – The flames of fate
Chapter 25 – A changed destiny
Chapter 26 – Alternate ending