When Opposites Attract

By MegaMatchMaker

Ok, so I don’t remember this one either. But I did know that from the first whiff of it, it was gonna be a big one.

It’s 95 chapters.

It’s Ariana Black levels of dumbassery.

It’s so God damn mind-numbing that Viridian quit three chapters in. THREE.

I am mostly taking on this monster by myself.

Due to the length of this fic, I’m separating it into Years. I will probably take a break after each section is complete. My brain bleeds out of my ears enough.

Year One

Introduction and counts
Chapter 1: The letter and truth
Chapter 2: Diagon Alley
Chapter 3: Trains
Chapter 4: The sorting
Chapter 5: Flying lessons
Chapter 6: Halloween
Chapter 7: Quidditch
Chapter 8: Nicholas Flamel and Norbert
Chapter 9: Forbidden Forest
Chapter 10: Trapdoor
Chapter 11: Going home?…Not really